Welcome to The Almay Class of 2018! | Makeup Made to Reveal YOU | The Caroline Doll

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, is selected to be a part of the Almay Class of 2018!

“The best kind of prize is a surprise!”

In the age of e-mails and text messages and (in my opinion) out-dated junk mail, receiving an actual letter in the mail is always a welcome surprise. Receiving an unexpected package in the mail? Now THAT is like Christmas! 

I keep shipping alerts on my phone, so whenever the dogs start barking at the door, I already know my last online order is arriving that afternoon. So, a few weeks ago when the dogs started barking and the doorbell rang with an unbeknownst package delivery, I was totally confused! However, that confusion quickly morphed into a glamour and beauty fusion! 

Opening the package revealed a beautiful blue box, welcoming me to the Almay Class of 2018! A box full of makeup? Yes, please! 


The collection included the Almay “Shadow Squad,” an assembly of 15 beautiful eyeshadows voted “most likely to throw shade” (too cute!). My favorite color? Unicorn! 


For “most likely to stand out,” Almay included their Highlighting Duo, their 2-in1 cream and liquid highlighter that “gives skin the perfect level of radiance for a healthy looking glow!” 


I don’t know about you but I can never have too many lipsticks. For “biggest flirt,” they voted for eight different shades of their ultra-hydrating lipstick, all varying shades of pink! (They know the way to my heart!)  



“Most likely to succeed?” Almay Pen Eyeliner, setting anyone up for a successful winged eye look!

For any mishaps, Almay included their Oil Free Makeup Eraser Sticks, voted “most resilient!”

While I totally love the contents of the Almay Class of 2018 beauty box, I am OBSESSED with the messaging behind it. The letter opens with a sweet note from actress Rashida Jones, Almay’s current brand ambassador. “I firmly believe that life is much better when you spend it being true to your authentic self,” she writes. Being a part of the Almay Class of 2018 is to stand proud in what makes you YOU, to be a fearless original!

Makeup made to reveal the true you? My vote is YES!

Thank you, Almay, for choosing me to be a part of such a beauty-FULL group of women!