The Doll Network | Building Your Influence | POSH PR®

POSH PR® hosts their first Doll Network, where powerful women create powerful connections!


At POSH PR®, we take an integrative approach to how we engage our clients. To us, our clients are SO much more than another business we handle things for. To reduce our work and their work down to an exchange of goods and services, is to limit our influence and theirs! As we grow, our desire is to see our network of clients influence the world around them. A couple weeks ago, we had our first Doll Network, a gathering of POSH PR® clients. Words do not describe how inspiring it was to see a room filled with women who have chosen to live their dream lives!

I once read the following: “The most powerful women? They don’t network, they connect. They know that having useful connections lead to rare opportunities. They know how to add value to their circles. They know how to contribute.” I think what makes POSH PR® as successful as it has been is the fact that at our core, we have servants’ hearts. I always say, “like attracts like” and I think that is the commonality between POSH PR® and each of our clients! At our meeting, our dolls connected. Partnering their businesses together, they created opportunities for each other. THAT is what POSH PR® is all about! 

Your dream life is out there to be lived by YOU and each of our clients is an inspiring example of pursuing that life. 

If you would like a glimpse into what it is like to be one of #THEPRDOLLS, we invite you to join us in San Fransisco, CA. for a mastermind retreat this August 26-29th! Click here to learn more and RSVP today,  doll!