The “As If” Approach | Career Advice | The Caroline Doll

If you have aspirations of being a small business owner, or having a personal brand, The Caroline Doll, a lifestyle blogger based in Richmond, VA., shares two words of advice, “As If!”

When Cher Horowitz uttered the words, “as if,” she admonished the dreams of any guy who simply did not meet her standards. “As if” was something to be left in one’s dreams, an unattainable reality — it made clear that dream would never happen. But for today’s blog, I want to take a slightly different approach to “as if.” When it comes to branding and living the life of your dreams, the words “as if” hold just as much power as they did over the entire decade of the nineties!

I know you have heard the term, “fake it till you make it.” But I like to encourage women to “act as if they have it, as if they are it, as if they live it.” There is no faking it here, dolls. When you project this energy into your life, you are poising yourself to be ready for those things to settle into your life! 

The best way to do this is by deliberately placing role models in your life. Be thorough in selecting the qualities that make that certain person stand out to you and write them down, reflect on them. Having a real-life, living person as a goal-mark in your life is one of the most effective forms of self-motivation. This doesn't mean to copy the person action-for-action, but to allow certain qualities they posses to inspire and bring out your ambition and confidence!

“We are what we repeatedly do.” The more we align our actions according to the unique person we want to become, the sooner we become it. 

For as she thinks in her heart, so is she. 

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