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When Hailey, our California wedding planner client of Detailed Touch Events, felt like she was posting too much of the same thing, she knew it was time for a content refresh. From concept to creation, click here to see how POSH PR® works as your brand’s creative content curators with a styled photoshoot!

We live in a visual world, doll. Marketing has gone from catchy jingles and slogans to eye-catching visuals. That being said, coming up with fresh visual content is quickly becoming as integral to success as budgeting. The future of marketing demands a consistent content strategy. When Hailey of Detailed Touch Events, our wedding planner client based in California, found herself un-excited about the older content she was posting, she knew it was time for a styled shoot for content creation. So, we got straight to work!

A successful styled shoot begins with a clear vision. In our first meeting, we discussed what her end goal was. Selling? Content? Brand awareness? Establishing your end-goal enables you to reverse-engineer the entire process. It is a known factor that informs every decision!


Hailey’s goal was content creation. We took our conversation to the mood board. Detailed Touch Events is an ethereal brand elevated by elegance. We wanted her content to convey what it is like to work with DTE, and made the decision to hire a model. We created three vignettes styled in a way that captures the DTE experience:


1. We wanted the office scene to share DTE’s work space personality. Honing in on detailed shots was one of the main purposes for this scene.
2. We brought in a model to incorporate interaction between the wedding planner and bride in real life scenarios, looking and trying on wedding dresses. DTE is with her clients every step of the way. We wanted this second vignette to tell potential clients what it is like to work with DTE!
3. Our third vignette was an actual, sit-down planning session between DTE and our model bride, “discussing” table settings, invitation suites, cakes, florals, and wedding colors — all things mood and ambiance! 

After we presented our mood board to DTE, it was time to execute! Remotely coordinating with bakers, rental companies, photographers and transportation in L.A. was a challenge we were ready to take! Planning a photoshoot is like planning a mini wedding. There are so many moving parts and you want to make sure they all fit together. Keeping the client up-to-date on every decision and every change is so important in making sure they feel comfortable and in charge. 

Once we arrived in California, it was time to bring the entire concept into creation! The 4-hour photoshoot yielded such beautiful content and while we don’t have the final photos, we are so excited to share a few sneak peeks with you that out incredibly talented photographer, Caroline Tran, shared with us!


If you feel your brand or business is in need of some fresh content, contact us here! We would love to style your photoshoot!