Capsule Wardrobe 101

Are you that girl who has an entire closet filled with clothes but nothing to wear?! Well, a capsule wardrobe may be the answer for your fashion woes!

Despite what you may think, millennials did not make the concept of a capsule wardrobe fashionable… The idea of a capsule wardrobe has actually been around since the 70’s and is becoming more and more trendy every year.


Your wardrobe makes a statement about who you are, so before you decide to limit yourself to just 37 pieces of interchangeable clothing items—that’s right, a capsule wardrobe limits you to only 37 pieces!—it’s a good idea to give it some serious consideration, dolls.

The idea of having a wardrobe capsule filled with top-of-the-line fashion forward pieces is intriguing. After all, it would save you both time and money, and it would sure give you back a lot of space in your closet. What you save is one of the major upsides. Plus, it helps to keep things simple! Have you ever heard of the term I’ve coined, “boss lady decision fatigue” — well, a capsule wardrobe would certainly help make my fashion selection decisions for me! One less decision = one happy boss lady!


But, simple doesn’t always mean that it’s a great thing. Simple can also mean that you are missing out on a whole lot of fun, sweet friends. The downside of having a capsule wardrobe is that you are really limiting yourself. While some people may feel that’s a positive, I see it as leaving a lot of must-have bombshell items behind. Let’s say a hot new outfit hits the runway and you love it. Then you realize you can only drool. Well, that or get rid of a couple of pieces from your closet that you probably already love. Neither option leaves us feeling good (or looking our best).

A capsule wardrobe may work for some people, but when it comes to us dolls it’s not a fix that we can live with. How is it possible to own a fashion PR agency AND have a capsule wardrobe?! So, I say grab your champagne glass and toast knowing it’s okay to go ahead and spoil yourself!