RVA Fashion Week Recap

I know what you’re all thinking — a fashion week in Richmond, Virginia? Most people wouldn’t put Richmond very high on their lists of most fashionable cities in comparison to Los Angeles and New York City—but, Richmond does pretty well in the fashion scene! I remember when I moved to Richmond from my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. I was SO excited specifically because I knew there would be a Saks Fifth Avenue less than 5 minutes from my new house. It’s crazy to think of how far this city’s fashion network has evolved since then. Now, we have our very own fashion week!


With that being said, if you Dolls follow me on Instagram, then you would have seen me posting all about the RVA Fashion Week this past weekend. But, if you missed it, I had the pleasure to be able to emcee their fashion show on Sunday with my co-host Dapper Luq! I wanted to give out a special thanks my sweet friend Jimmy Budd for giving me this amazing opportunity! We had such a fun time orchestrating this event and I am already looking forward to the next show coming in late April of 2020 (tickets are already on sale)!

RVA Fashion Week is an event-filled weekend showcasing some of Virginia’s top models, leading designers, choice producers, choreographers, and of course, stylists! (PS: Shout out to the Bombshell ladies for providing all the amazing hair and makeup for this show!) Designer’s families and friends attend, as well as anyone involved in the industry, or people who are simply looking for a great networking opportunity! There is such great energy at all the events and I love knowing that I am surrounded by people just as passionate about fashion as I am! All around, the weekend was a success, and it was great to see some of the new talent from the Virginia area! If you’re a local or looking for some noteworthy designers from the Richmond area, be sure to check out the incredible designers listed below!

Noteworthy Fashion Designers From The Richmond Area

Why You Should Attend in Spring 2020

  • To see new up and coming models and designers in action

  • To network with other people in the industry

  • To learn about the newest trends for the season

  • To have a fun filled experience you won’t regret!

So Dolls, I hope to see all of you fashionistas at the next RVA Fashion Week!