If You Want to Go Fast...


Besides being completely adorable, my husband Costa is also brilliant and wise. As a pair of business bosses, we are always sharing business tips and encouragement with each other! Something he said to me recently really stuck:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

I don’t know what the exact origin of this quote is, but this is the first I’d heard it—and it rocked my world!

It can be tempting to want to just do everything yourself. After all, it’s your vision, your idea, your job! And while doing everything yourself might seem to work for a while…eventually you will burn out.

Learning to lean on your community, accept help when needed, and delegate tasks is SO hard! What if they don’t do it right? What if you trust someone, and they end up going a different direction?

Sweet girl, what if they exceed your expectations? What if your company flourishes with all the extra hands on deck? What if God blesses you with lifelong friendship and support because you stepped out of your comfort zone and gave up control?

Two heads are better than one. Three heads are even better! It might feel slower at first, but it is so much more sustainable to share the workload. I know that my clients are so relieved to have us come along side them and help with PR and marketing…and I know that I am so relieved to have a team of dolls helping me run things smoothly!

This is why I always say, COMMUNITY over COMPETITION! When we are true to ourselves, and committed to lifting each other up, we all flourish.