Your New Favorite Holiday

It’s time to grab your corkscrew and pop open your favorite wine because it’s National Drink Wine Day, dolls! As if we needed another excuse to have a glass of wine after work on a Monday.


While I firmly believe that Champagne Is Always The Answer® — wine is definitely a close second! Plus, I love an excuse to celebrate with Yes Way Rosé! Today’s main focus? To celebrate the love and health benefits that surround wine! Yes, I am serious!

No one really knows how this holiday started, but if you ask me I’m pretty sure that it was a group of ladies who love grabbing a pretty wine glass and indulging just as much as I do. You know how people say a glass of wine at night is good for you? Well, I recently heard that drinking a glass of wine every night can be good for you, too! I decided to look more into this and found out…it’s absolutely true!

From boosting your immune system to lowering your risk of cancer — wine, in moderation, truly is good for your heart. So, why wouldn’t you want to indulge in a glass? It’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Sweet reds to buttery whites, the options are truly limitless when it comes to selecting your wine of choice.

Of course, after finding out about this fun holiday and reading more on the health benefits of wine, I  has to see if champagne had any health benefits, too. And, guess what — it does! Champagne has been found to reduce memory loss and promote cognitive function. So, grab your rosé, (or pop your favorite bubbly) and celebrate National Drink Wine Day! I know I will be — Cheers!