Raid My Closet

Happy Friday Dolls! Not only is it Friday but it’s also national Margarita Day too, which means The PR Dolls and I will be ending our Friday with margarita’s instead of champagne this week. A good margarita is a lot like a good outfit. Few ingredients but hard to get perfect. And achieving the perfect outfit isn’t always the easiest. 

There are certain pieces that you absolutely need, and once you have those you’ll never have a problem figuring out what to wear!

Jeans   , Similar    Shoes

Jeans, Similar Shoes


A great pair of jeans in all washes— light, dark, black, white. All are a must. My advice? When you find a style that works for you get them in every color. You can thank me later for that tip! One brand in particular that I’m really loving is Blank NYC denim. It is flexible without having too much give and the fabric is soft- making the jeans super comfortable.

White Tee:

Another item that is a must have is a basic white tee. Having a these in more than one style offers variety and is perfect for layering. I love to pair the mine with skirts, jeans and leggings to make a fabulous outfit every time!

This dress is last season Caroline Herrara but here is a similar one that I’m loving!   Dress

This dress is last season Caroline Herrara but here is a similar one that I’m loving! Dress


We all know how people feel about a LBD—but I prefer a LPD— a little pink dress. You can’t go wrong with having a pink cocktail dress hanging in your closet because you can wear it for almost everything. You can still have your LBD but personally I think having an LPD is a must for any wardrobe, and a lot more fun too!


If you know me at all you know that I am a sucker for a good pair of leggings— who’s with me? I know a lot of people believe that leggings aren’t pants, but I strongly disagree.

A Jean Jacket:

This piece is perfect for all seasons, and almost every outfit. A blue jean jacket goes perfectly with your black jeans and white tee, or your favorite sweater and leggings. I love wearing mine over my shoulders and layered with dresses for a more casual look.

Once you have your basics, the fun can really begin. I am a strong believer that accessories can make an outfit. There’s nothing I love more than a gorgeous pair of Sophia Webster shoes or a timeless Louis Vuitton bag. Basics also make the perfect canvas for layering. Try something bold and colorful like this pink leopard coat. One thing that I really love about fashion is being able to put your own personal twist on an outfit! Has there been something that I’ve worn recently that you love? Well don’t worry you can raid my closet anytime by clicking the links within this post or by visiting my Instagram and looking at the shop highlight!