Jogger Chic

Taking Athleisure To The Next Level

I’m about to get really real with you all for a minute — jogger chic is the best thing to happen in fashion for a while. I am beyond obsessed with this look and to be honest, most days you will find me rocking some sort of jogger. From grey joggers to satin blush joggers, my collection seems to be ever growing. And when it comes to styling, the options truly are endless! 

The first step to styling is: let your creativity go wild. I love mixing grays and silvers with blush and rose gold tones. So when it came to styling this outfit I knew that I wanted incorporate the two metals. By pairing these together the look automatically went from casual athlesiure to chic street style. 

Boots: ysl | Similar:  Kendall + Kylie

Boots: ysl | Similar: Kendall + Kylie

Sunglasses:  Gucci

Sunglasses: Gucci

Bag: Louis Vuitton | Similar:  ASOS

Bag: Louis Vuitton | Similar: ASOS

Bodysuit:  Topshop

Bodysuit: Topshop

Joggers:  Topshop

Joggers: Topshop

Blazer: Zara | Similar:  ASOS

Blazer: Zara | Similar: ASOS

It is honestly all in the details when it comes to outfits like this! In order to dress up my new joggers, I knew that it was important to pair it with pieces that would instantly elevate the look. This Zara blazer is perfect because the gold embroidery does just that. Typically you would never think to pair a structured blazer with joggers but, I promise you’ll be throwing a blazer over top of everything once you try it! 

And if you don’t want to wear booties or heels don’t worry, you can still be jogger chic in cute sneakers. My new favorite sneakers are a pair that I just got recently and I can’t wait to share them with you soon!