Set Your Pace


It’s so easy for us to compare. Why don’t I have as many followers, as much money, as many vacations, as so-and-so? Why don’t I look like them, why am I not as smart or successful? These questions only serve to tear us down! And remember: community is always more powerful than competition.

But there ARE times when it’s good to look at where others are! Sometimes, comparison can serve as a benchmark for reaching our own goals! Sound crazy? I know.

In running, a pacemaker is someone who keeps a consistent pace. Other runners can find these pacemakers and run with them to make sure that they stay at the speed they need to run to finish the race. You can find a fast pacemaker or a slower pacemaker, whichever one is appropriate for your level. How did I get onto running? Stay with me!

I believe that it’s also helpful to find pacemakers in life! Someone who you can travel side by side with to get a good idea of where you can be with your business and life goals. I recommend choosing someone who’s just a little bit ahead of you in life, because we want to be aspirational of course! I DON’T recommend choosing someone who is so vastly different from you that comparison can only get you down—for example, maybe don’t choose Oprah as a pacemaker!

A pacemaker is meant to be a realistic marker. If you start out a race running with a pacemaker who runs way faster than you, you’ll burn out quickly. If you run with a pacemaker who is very slow and steady, you might miss out on maximizing your full potential. You definitely have to know yourself to be able to pick a healthy pace!

For me, my mom is my pacemaker. She is my greatest confidant and role model. I call her every single morning on my way to Starbucks to get business advice! As the former VP of the American Heart Association, she knows a thing or two about management and being a #bossbabe. I like to know where she was when she was my age, and what she would do in my position!

Of course, your pacemaker doesn’t have to be someone you actually know (although having a mentor is a HUGE asset and encouragement!). Your pacemaker can be someone else in your field that you admire from afar. Watching what they do and seeing their numbers grow can help you set realistic expectations for how you can grow your own business!

So who will you choose to run beside as you race toward your goals? I’d love to hear about them!