​#TheDollDreamhouse Update: Working with a Dream Team!


I remember four and a half years ago, Costa took my hand and walked me to this piece of grass and said, "I'm going to build you a house here someday." Well, dolls, someday is finally here!

I still can't believe that we've made it to this point! Walls are up, and what once was just a concrete slab is slowly but surely starting to feel like home, and I'm seeing my dreams come to life!

My husband jokes that he has come up with a new term that perfectly describes the feel of our new home: #Modernteranean. I've always said our house should be Malibu-Meets-Greece, so we had to choose the perfect Dream Team that could help create my vision, and we've been blessed with the opportunity of some amazing partnerships to make it happen!

Costa's favorite part of the house, by far, is our @pivotdoor! I'm honestly shocked (although it will be stunning)! I always claim Costa is more fashionable than I am, so our first order of business had to be figuring out his perfect closet for all his shoes. We knew we wanted custom built closets, and met with multiple companies to determine the best fit for us. The professionalism and care of @CaClosets, however, was unparalleled. It's been an incredible experience! (Anyone that will bring me wine on a Saturday is going to be a best friend of mine - shoutout to Maja!) They've agreed to help us with #allthethings! From the pantries and master closet of #TheDollDreamhouse, to the office of #TheDollHQ, they've helped us make building a new house and a new office at the same time much easier!

Determining the other elements of our house took a little more work. @Fergusonshowrooms suggested we head to D.C. and visit their showroom (conveniently located next to @tiffanyandco in Tyson's Corner), and we were blown away. We knew instantly that we would 100% be working with them! We were also so exited to begin working with Miele Appliances, too, to help make our house a reality! I can't wait to be able to show you all the incredible pieces we've chosen!

Stay tuned for more updates on #TheDollDreamhouse and the details of #TheDollHQ here and on Instagram! For now, all I can say is that our closets are going to be amazing (and there may or may not be a champagne bar)!