​Picture This

How to Coach a Stranger on Taking your Instagram Picture


So, you're ready for your tropical vacation, you've chosen the best outfits, packed all your favorite shoes, and made the tough decision of the one bag you'll be bringing with you. You can't wait to strut your stuff on the streets of that new city, but who will immortalize it for you on your Instagram feed?

I've created a little step-by-step guide, dolls, of how to coach a perfect stranger on how to take a fabulous Instagram pic!

Rule #1: Set Them Up For Success:

You know those times you hand your phone over to your mom or dad, and you're instantly reminded of their technical disabilities? You can avoid that feeling of impatient remorse by making sure you're phone is ready to go! Non-Millennials will definitely need the camera ready, and it doesn't hurt to say, "I'm gonna hand you my phone for a photo," to make sure they know what you'd like them to do!

Rule #2: The Right Direction:

Want them to take a vertical picture so they capture every piece of your outfit? Need it to be horizontal, so they catch that gorgeous landscape behind you? Hand your phone to them in the orientation you'd like the photo to be taken!

Rule #3: Direct Them With Kindness:

If you're worried about an unfortunate crop, or don't want to enforce a bunch of retakes on this stranger, tell them what you'd like to see in your photo in a kind manner. "These are my favorite shoes, so I'd love to be able to see them in the photo!" Mention how your hat is your favorite part of your outfit so you don't want to miss it. This is the best way to help them understand how you may want your photo oriented!


Rule #4: Act Like You're Not Photogenic:

You never want to sound like a diva, but you also don't want to lose this perfect photo opportunity with a bad photograph. My advice? Act like you're not photogenic. (You know you are, doll, but you'll need to pretend on this one so they feel like you want to look okay, not that they took the photo wrong!) You're stranger-friend may be more inclined to several shots if you're more apathetic to their assistance!

Rule #5: Thank You, Next:

After the second photo, if it's still not working, thank them and say goodbye. It's perfectly fine to ask another person to try once they've left the scene. Make sure you thank them for their time, and then you can start at Rule #1 again with a new photographer!

No matter what, dolls, patience is key! If you want that perfect photo, you'll have to work for it. Remember the kindness that stranger is offering you, and that they may not be as social media savvy as you. Give them a chance to hone their skills, but ultimately, don't take up their day. My favorite thing to do as a thank you? Offer to take their photo as well!