Shop With Me

I'm always asked how I make money as a blogger. The short answer: affiliate links! I love shopping and all things fashion, and I love helping other women find their new favorite fashion finds through my blog, even more! 

I use rewardStyle to add my products into my blog for you to shop! This means you can click the links, and purchase the items instantly! However, it's recently come to my attention that my sweet dolls are having trouble knowing how to shop the items!


Below are the steps to start adding all your favorite looks to your wardrobe! 


Log into Instagram and follow @thecarolinedoll to see our frequent posts with rewardStyle links! Simply “like” a post with an item you would like to shop. (You can always tell which posts are shoppable by checking the caption!) All of these photos will show up in your app so you can purchase them immediately from there!

You can also see our weekly Instagram stories and "Swipe Up" to shop directly from the connected link!


Download the app to your phone! You can then follow @thecarolinedoll on the app and shop all of my products from my rewardStyle page! 


It's okay, dolls! We're all guilty of shopping online on the job! If you're currently reading this from your work computer, we completely understand! You can click the link here to shop all my products from the blog at this link! (P.S. We won't tell if you save it to your browser as a favorite page!)

I only share things on my blog that I absolutely love, so you can trust the products I'm sharing! I always directly link my products in my blogs, so you can shop straight from here, too! 

Want to see all the things I'm wearing? You can view my LiketoKnowit Profile here!