Your New Beauty BFF


I'm always looking for the best beauty buys, and love when I find that perfect product that's going to change my whole routine or look for the day!

I recently started working with a sweet client that opened my eyes to a new app that's getting quite a bit of buzz - and I can see why! It's completely changed the game on shopping for beauty products!

Fair Pick® was featured in "New Apps We Love" in the Apple Store, and for good reason! Fair Pick is a new community-based beauty app that answers the question, “Which product should I buy?” The app allows you to search all of their products and find the right fit for you. 

When you download the app, you’re able to answer questions about skincare, makeup, haircare, and even fragrance preferences to set up your profile! You can then search through all of the products selected for your skin type by clicking on the "Fair Picks" icon at the bottom of the app. Each product shows the tags you selected when you setup your profile, so you can see why this product was recommended for you! (The best part? You can change your tags and profile preferences at any time, which is especially helpful when your skin type can change with the seasons!) I was able to search through all their suggestions, and even click the little heart icon to mark it as a favorite! 

I also love the reviews on each product that are written by other users on the app (so you can trust their honest feedback), and every customer can become a Top Reviewer on the app by leaving frequent quality reviews! 

Once you pick the products you'd like to try, you can buy it right from the product description. You're redirected to Sephora, Amazon, and Walgreens to immediately purchase it (so no need to comb the aisles of your nearest Ulta)! Fair Pick® also offers discounts and freebies routinely, so make sure you subscribe to their email list so you won’t miss any great offers!

I love how this app has changed my beauty shopping routine, so I spend less time in the beauty aisle or searching endlessly online. It's also a perfect platform for women to use as a reliable resource for beauty shopping. I can't stop recommending it to all my dolls!

You can download the app here and find your Fair Picks today!