Living Your Best Blonde Life

A Blonde's Summer Essentials

I’m constantly asked “how is your hair so beautiful AND so blonde,” or “can you ask your hairdresser what your formula is so I can tell mine”. Even my sweet pea of a husband always knows how to give the ultimate compliment. “You’re so tan and your blonde is so beautiful, Caroline” is a quick one liner he knows I melt over. Which brings me to the first blog of my newest series, Blonde Life. What is the blonde life series you ask? It’s the tell all guide to maintaining and helping you live your best, Blonde Life. 


Remember when it was cool to have a hint of green in your hair right before school started because that meant you had the best summer in the water and under the sun, day in and day out. Since then, my summers have upgraded quite a bit but I still love that fresh look of being sun-kissed with platinum blonde hair. But before I can get into that summer, sipping Champagne by the pool, mind set I always stock up on the necessities to help protect and preserve my luscious blonde for the upcoming season! As I’m sure you Dolls know, being a blonde comes with a bit of responsibilities, especially so in the summer. There’s always a battle to fight when trying to combat against sunshine, salt and chlorine.


After attending the Create + Cultivate conference, our lovely friends from Living Proof sent us their latest collection to test out and I’m obsessed! After spending days under the sun, these are an absolute MUST. When my hair feels a little weighted and tired, I like to use these three to give it a little extra love. Not only does this line smell heavenly, but it also makes my hair look and feel as vibrant as if I just stepped out of the salon chair!

Seriously Dolls, this color care line is a game changer! The coolest new addition to this collection definitely is the Light Whipped Glaze. It is a temporary dye that instantly boost vibrancy and counteract color fading and brassiness. This will have you swooning over your icy look just as you did after every summer growing up blonde.