Oh, The Pink Places You'll Go!

A Pink NYC Travel Guide!


It's no secret, dolls, that my favorite color is pink! I love a pop of pink in everything I own and work on, and make sure to infuse it in every avenue of my life! (I especially love a pink Champagne, dolls!) 

As you all know from my recent brand refresh blog last week, I've started focusing on the crucial feedback my followers have given me, and want to make sure I'm the most authentic version of myself when I write these blogs for you! If you make a request, I will try my hardest to make it happen! True to my brand, though, you all told me you wanted to see more pink - so I did exactly that!

On my recent trip to NYC for the Create and Cultivate Conference, I was determined to stop at all the chicest and pinkest places in town! I wanted to try pink drinks and see pink walls, and I was determined to not let the unexpected, cold and rainy weather deter me!

Below, I've created the Pinkest Travel Guide for NYC for all my dolls who live in the Big Apple (or may be traveling there soon)! 

Cha Cha Matcha

I've been searching high and low and far and wide for the best inspiration for the new #DollDreamhouse! I want the most Instagrammable spots in my new house, and in my Google and Pinterest searches, matcha places are always at the top of the results. (True story, dolls: I had to Google the word "matcha" because I had no idea what it was!) These little cafes are so incredibly chic, and I've never been to any of them! So with my trip to New York, I knew that had to change.

I made a determined stop at Cha Cha Matcha, and dolls, I was not disappointed! Every inch of this cafe was Instagrammable. From the gorgeous drinks to the abundant palm trees, my eyes danced over every pink detail. The tables, the cups, the cocktail napkins... all pink! The drink was delicious (and almost too pretty to sip on), and the amazing staff were so nice and friendly! If you're on the hunt for the pinkest places in NYC, this is definitely the one you should add to the top of the list!


Pietro Nolita

This has got to be the pinkest Italian restaurant I have ever seen! Pietro Nolita has delicious drinks and pretty pink lights, booths, walls, and even cups! Everything inside and outside is pink, and you definitely won't miss it from the street. (The only thing not pink is the food!) This was an absolute Pink Lover’s dream!


Serra Fiorita

This was one of the coolest rooftop bars I've ever been to! There were literally flowers everywhere. Serra Fiorita’s massive space included a flower wall, a pink flower arch, and even a giant trellis of flowers that were structured as a roof! I couldn't find a single space here that wasn't covered in flowers, even the bar! It sparked so many springtime vibes!


Sweets by Chloe

The sweetest little cupcake shop you'll every find, Sweets by Chloe was so fun to step into. They offer different types of scrumptious cupcakes with the cutest pink menu! I especially loved the light up sign that read, “You batter believe it!” The little details on the pink tile counter and on the pink cups were so fun, too!



Vic’s is, at first glance, a classic and contemporary Italian restaurant, but it's hiding a true hidden gem in its bathroom! (Yes, the bathroom, dolls!) I may have been a little extra trying to spend some extra time in this tiny bathroom getting just the right selfie! The wallpaper is beautiful flamingos, and the ceiling and door are both a matching hot pink! This tiny room gave me the biggest inspiration for our new bathroom at the #DollDreamhouse!

I had such a fun time this weekend getting all of the best photos and wonderful treats in NYC! It's hard to decide on a favorite spot, since I'm still daydreaming about all the gorgeous locations we stopped at! What was your favorite pink place, dolls?