Doll Dream House Update

Can you believe it’s the end of August already!? This summer has been flying by!  Hard to believe that we are just a few months away from moving into #TheDollDreamHouse!  When we first started this process it felt like it was going to be an eternity before I could confidently say that! But, as construction is continuing, each and every time I visit it starts to feel more and more like a home! Eek! It’s so exciting and truly makes me feel like a kid again! Only this time, instead of candy stores, we are shopping for grout! Just one of the many things I never knew I could find so much excitement in! With that being said,  we have had some big, big things that have been happening recently at #TheDollDreamHouse !

*pause for dramatic effect*



The Stucco

When going into the process of choosing the stucco initially, I had no idea how many options for color and textures there were going to be!  I thought stucco was just white…. Having said that, each and every decision that has been made, have all been very thorough.  Costa and I want to make sure that everything is thoroughly thought through and that no decision is rushed. This means that everything from the stucco to the doorknobs has been meticulously researched, and carefully chosen with aesthetics in mind!  My greatest fear when starting this project was that we were going to feel pressured to settle for components that we were not 100% in love with.  But, much like the way I run POSH PR®, everything in the house so far has been intentionally chosen for a purpose.

The Marble Walls

As some of you may have seen in my first live Instagram video ever, we have the most beautiful exterior marble wall in the front of the house! I truly have to thank my husband for creating this beautiful piece of art! Not only did he go above and beyond for the marble in the front of the house but he literally surprised me with a second wall that is our outdoor terrace in the back of the house as well! I kid you not! I was merely making a joke after the installation of the wall in the front and said, “We should get a second marble wall in the back, where I can get all my photos taken for Instagram!”  Then, the next day he mentions that the marble wall for the back terrace would be getting delivered in a few days! I truly am so lucky that my husband shares the same posh taste as I do!


The Flooring

I had to save the best for last! Eek! THESE. FLOORS. GIVE. ME. LIFE. The floors have really been my absolute favorite part of this process so far!  The installation literally brought tears to my eyes! Not only are they the perfect shade of white for a #shoefie but they are not made out of a single piece of wood!  I am beyond obsessed! The Italian porcelain flooring was specifically ordered from Italy.  Initially this caused large amounts of stress because we were nervous that there was not going to be enough.  (Sometimes there is breakage due to the miles and miles of transportation!) But, luckily, everything has worked out so far! Once of the best things about these floors is that they look and feel like a white wood but are in fact made out of porcelain.  Everything about this flooring has been meticulously chosen right down to the shade of grout! We wanted to make sure that we could have a shade of white but had to get it sealed in order to preserve the color. (Plus, I need a clean white canvas for Instagram!)


I’m so excited to create content in my light, bright, and airy home with the same aesthetics as my business! As we look ahead, I cannot wait for #allthethings to come together! Stay tuned and keep an eye out for California Closets RVA moving in to start their production for everything inside the house!