Pink Drink Guide Richmond

Pretty In Pink Drink Guide RVA

Hey Dolls, need plans for when happy hour rolls around? Have no fear, I have you covered.  I’ve rounded up a list of my go-to pink drink guide for Richmond.  That’s right Rosé isn’t the only pink drink contender these days.  Whether you’re a local or just visiting the area, there’s one thing that everyone has in common, they like to drink.  So if you’re gonna head out to get a drink why not do it in proper boss doll fashion with a pink drink in hand and an aesthetically pleasing mural behind you!

Hot Cocktail Destinations



Best Known For: pastel pink interior, rooftop bar, and the Quirk Gallery

Before we get right into the cocktails every boss doll needs to start her day with a coffee right!?  And what better place to do so then Quirk Hotel aka heaven, for any pink lover.  Pink sofas, wall art, and bar stools fill the room giving off an aura of elegance.  I have been a longtime lover of Quirk and don’t see our relationship ending anytime soon.  Their aesthetic parallels mine to a t and I love spending time there.  Whether I am in need an elegant place to have a meeting, a location for a branding photoshoot, or am craving a coffee, this is my go to place!  The cafe is located in the front of the hotel right when you walk in.  It serves an abundance of European style drinks featuring local brews and of course their very own Quirk Blend.  What’s my go to order you ask? A cappuccino of course! 


Pulp Fiction

Best Known For: locally sourced products, healthy smoothies, yummy bagels

Just because it isn’t 5 o’clock there’s no reason you still shouldn’t drink pink!  Pulp Fiction is an awesome option for locally sourced products such as smoothies, bagels, and sandwiches.  Owned and operated by Ruslana Remennikova, Pulp Fiction stands for everything we love about a business.  She believes in creating an organic connection with her customers by having them stumble in and feel welcomed upon entry.  Ruslana has created this business with a foundation of a strong community and creating an intimate connection with all of her customers.  All of the drinks on the menu have symbolic and memorable names relating back to the things and people who have inspired Ruslana the most in life.  For example, our drink of choice was called the, “Bitsy Circle”, which was named after her best friend, Bitsy, who was a hooper.  Ruslana’s father in particular has had a massive impact on the way she lives her life.  He was her best friend and constant rock in life.  He also inspired her to create a lifestyle based on the words, “wellness for me”, meaning you should own the decisions you make and create balance in your life.  I had an instant connection with Ruslana and loved everything she and her business stand for I cannot wait to go back!



Best Known For: Frequent pop ups featuring well executed themes in regards to decor, menus, and experience

Switch is a novelty pop up bar that literally gets its name from “switching” its themes every three to six months.  This rotation of pop ups named #rabbitglass and #backin93 are currently on their fourth month of circulation.  Both of which have been executed so well.  The detail in decor, drink menus, and overall experience actually transport you to a different place and time.  Upstairs, in the #rabbitglass , you feel as though you just touched down in the world of Alice in Wonderland! With a Cheshire Cat mural, mushroom seats, and so many hats lying around just waiting to be tried on.  My two top pink drink picks in Wonderland were the Golden Afternoon Wonderita featuring an edible pansy flower and black salt rim and Drink Me which was served in a potion bottle just like in the movie! Also can’t forget about the cutest of them all, The White Rabbit which was given out in a rabbit shaped cup! Talk about nostalgia!  When you’ve had enough with the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts be sure to check out the downstairs, #backin93 , for all things 90s theme.  The walls of the downstairs are filled with posters of 90s heartthrobs such as Will Smith, Usher, and Kurt Cobain as well as a big mural of Biggie (pun intended)!  But, when you’re done drooling over your childhood crushes be sure to play some arcade games and take a peek at the drink menu!  My top pick drinks were called DINO DNA and the 2PACOLADA!  Although, with a drink menu as creative as this it was hard to pick! I will definitely be heading back to try more before these pop ups clocks run out!  


Tang and Biscuit

Best Known For: Shuffle board, Tang in their tangy drinks, and murals 

As you all know I am a huge fan of paying attention to details and being intentional with all branding decisions.  That being said, Tang and Biscuit have nailed it.  They are so prominent and intentional with their branding that it gives me goosebumps! The main activity to do there is shuffle board.  For those of you who know nothing about shuffle board, let me break it down, the tang is the stick players use while playing and the biscuit is the plastic-metal puck they play with. In other words, “the biscuit is what you shuffle”.  Mind blowing right!? In addition to having the worlds largest indoor shuffle board social club, they also have two other rooms.  One of the areas is outside and the other is an indoor room well equipt with some of your childhood favorites such as Jenga!  In regards to the menu, Tang and Biscuit, serves some killer drinks, many of which are made with Tang.  Clever to say the least! This newbie hit is going to be celebrating its one year anniversary birthday bash on August 23 through 25.  It is gonna be 90s themed and have a DJ on both Friday and Saturday night. They also plan to have even more games on site than usual and of course food & drink specials all weekend!  So if you’re a local or plan to be in town that weekend be sure to stop on by for a one of a kind experience.


The Tobacco Company

Best Known For: Historic building, prime rib, night club

One of the most iconic places to the city of Richmond on my list. The building that now stands as a four story restaurant, cocktail lounge, and night club was once a tobacco warehouse that dates back to 1866.  Opening in 1977, the restaurant has created a great reputation for itself here in the city of Richmond.  Then, 40 years after their opening, in 2017, an unexpected fire took place.  Devastated, the owners decided they would rebuild as a means to pay it forward. Flash forward to present day, and business has been flourishing ever since.  They feature some of my favorite dishes and drinks in all of Richmond, although, I may be a tad biased since I have been going to The Tobacco Company ever since I turned 21!  I know crazy right!? My go to drink is called the Belle Isle which has ruby red moonshine, triple sec, lime juice, and grapefruit juice! Not only is it the perfect shade of pink for my liking but it is also super tasty!  Next time you’re looking to get a great meal and a few drinks be sure to check it out.  Their drink menu features everything from old standards to modern classics served in adorable tiki glasses! 


Kabana Rooftop

Best Known For: skyline views, nightlife, exotic drinks and small tapas

Richmond’s tallest rooftop bar and lounge just so happens to be home to some of the tastiest pink drinks in town. With breathtaking skyline views and marble countertops and tables everywhere.  This upscale bar is a perfect spot for happy hour specials and quick bites to eat.  But, when the sun goes down, no one can compete with their unbeatable night life.  The ideal spot for any birthday party or special occasion! Why not celebrate in the clouds! Better yet, why not celebrate with a pink drink in hand.  Kabana features some of the most unique modern cocktails such as my favorite the Pink Blossom!


Bar Solita 

Best Known For: Instagrammable interior, empanadas, Flamingo brunch

One step through the front door and the vibrant colors and prints have done so much more than just catch your attention.  They have transported you onto a temporary vacation!  This Mediterranean infused restaurant is the newest hospitality eatery on the Richmond scene. With turquoise interior and  palm leaf murals that line the walls you can’t help but smile—or so I thought— until my drink came out in a flamingo ceramic bowl!  I was over the moon! Barsolita has put their Mediterranean flare on yet another staple menu item, the fishbowl, only in this case its a flamingo! So chic, so trendy, so unique and I was there for it! Next time you’re in the mood for a killer brunch and unique cocktails head over to Bar Solita you will not be disappointed!


After my time visiting each and every one of these places it got me to thinking, any restaurant can serve a pink drink but not every restaurant can provide a unique and elevated experience like all of these places mentioned.  As the CEO of a full service branding agency I take so much pride in my own elevated intentional branding and appreciate the details and hard work these companies have put into their own businesses.  It takes a certain amount of dedication to be this intricate with all the details that go into creating a memorable experience for their customers.  So whether you dolls are in the mood for a coffee, a smoothie, or a decadent pink cocktail be sure to check out these must see locations in Richmond!