Pink Blush Cheat Sheet

Happy Monday Dolls! All the time I spent in the sun this past weekend got me to thinking, what if we could maintain our perfect summer glows all year round!?  The good news is, there’s a product out there for that! Everyone knows when you’re in need of something to bring your glow back, blush is always the answer.  Blush adds definition to your face and warms up your complexion.  #Prettypink blush in particular is the best multi-season color and pairs well with every skin tone, giving you those pinch-able cheeks you’re looking for!  Here are a few of my top picks for each season!



In regards to blush in the summer, I usually prefer something in the coral family.  This summer in particular, coral has been all the rage following Pantone naming Living Coral the color of the year.  Not only does it compliment sun kissed skin well but it’s orangey-pink tones are also universally flattering. 


As I move into the fall, I tend to shift toward more darker tones such as plum and berry.  These give off a feminine and romantic feel that is an instant refresher to all of my outfits.  



In the winter, chances are your summer glow is officially gone (sad) and unless you have a Caribbean vacation planned, in most cases you will need an alternative. When it comes to wintertime, I typically gravitate towards brighter shades.  I think the bright shades help me achieve the bold yet healthy glow that I need. I re-fell in love with the bright blushes from The Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora collaboration!  Although, keep in mind, that a little goes a long way and there’s a fine line between a healthy flush and looking like a clown.  There’s nothing funny about that!


As the weather starts to warm up, the flowers start to bloom, and the days get longer I typically style a natural rosy cheek to complete all my springtime looks.  I love this shade because it helps me achieve the post workout flush without the hassle! 


So Dolls, now that you’ve got your pink blush cheat sheet I hope to see you all glowing from the inside and out all year round!  Let me know what your favorite blush products are! I’m always looking for new suggestions!