My Top 10 Luxury Pieces Worth The Investment

Over the years, I’ve curated a collection of designer pieces that are sure to last me a lifetime!  I believe that luxury items are worth the investment because they are so incredibly well made and rarely go out of style.  These top 10 pieces I’ve listed below are some of the staple items in my wardrobe that I think every doll should consider investing in.  After all, you only live once and sometimes it’s okay to treat yourself!   



I wouldn’t consider myself a big jewelry person by any means.  I typically wear the same few pieces daily.  That being said, My Chanel studs are by far my most worn luxury item in my closet.  I wear these studs everyday because they’re elegant and go with all of my looks! Chanel is a timeless brand and the CC design will never go out of style.


Every girl boss needs a staple pair of black heels in her wardrobe.  I on the other hand, believe that I can never have too many pink pairs.  But, if I had to choose one it would be my Christin Louboutin “So Kate” pale pink pumps. I can slip these on and instantly feel like a million bucks.  The best part about these heels is that they can be interchangeably worn with some of my more casual looks to give a more elevated feel or with some of my most elegant outfits.  



Sneaker, tennis shoe, cross-trainer, etc. Whatever you may call them, sneakers have become a staple part of every woman’s wardrobe in the recent years.  My go to pair that I am constantly wearing are from none other than my favorite brand, Louis Vuitton.  I love these sneakers because of the iconic and timeless high top style.  I style these with jeans, dresses, and of course a pair of chic joggers.


Tote Bag

My everyday tote bag! This is easily my most used designer bag that I own due to it’s sheer convenience.  The LV “Neverfull” is true to it’s name and manages to fit all my necessities and even has room to spare! I highly recommend getting your hands on a LV “Neverfull” if you find yourself in need of a reliable everyday bag to stash all of your belongings!

Toiletry Pouch

I never leave the house without this bad boy! It is the prefect size for storing all my necessities such as makeup, business cards, AirPods, and of course a pink pen!  The best part about this pouch is that the inside is lined which keeps the leather safe from any unexpected makeup mishaps.  Although, it may be intended to use as a toiletry case, this pouch can also double has a clutch so a more sophisticated nighttime look.

Faux Fur

I love the idea of splurging on a faux fur because it is not only a modern day trend but also a timeless classic.  I am obsessed with my hot pink coat from J Crew Collection. It is 100% my style and I am so glad I purchased it when I did because I am constantly grabbing for it in the cooler months.



While we are on the topic of outer wear, I also love the idea of investing in a blazer because it is such a versatile piece in any wardrobe.  Whether I need something to wear to work, something to wear over a graphic tee, or something to throw on when the weather is a tad chilly, a blazer is always my first pick.  My favorite and most worn blazer that I own is from J Crew.  Not only do I love it for the color but the overall fit and quality is amazing as well.  J Crew is a great option when shopping for outer wear that will last.


Every woman NEEDS a great piece of denim in her wardrobe.  I cannot stress this enough.  When purchasing denim I suggest choosing a style that flatters your body best and makes you feel most confident.  For me, I am a big fan of loose fit denim by AGOLDE.  



I believe that a belt is one accessory that can pull any outfit together and take it to the next level.  So for me, my dusty pink leather Gucci belt is definitely one of my best investment accessories I own.  It can be worn in all seasons and with nearly all of my outfits I put together.



That’s right, investing in myself is most important! It is an immediate and accessible way for anyone to spoil themselves.  Not only does getting a manicure boost self confidence but it also adds a polished touch (pun intended!) to every look!


Now that I’ve given you boss dolls a sneak peak into my closet I hope you keep me in mind the next time you’re going to reward yourself.  Although, it may take years to build a collection of luxury goods, if you carefully choose special pieces with meaning and value you really can’t lose.  Let me know what your favorite designer pieces you own are!