That's a Wrap!

I am constantly wrapping presents. Not just at Christmas, but year round! I love to give gifts for people’s birthdays, work anniversaries, business milestones, and minor holidays. I love picking out paper, matching bows, and making a package so pretty that you almost don’t want to open it!

I even wrap fake presents to decorate my tree. Wrapping is a very zen activity! I love neatly folding and creasing and taping while listening to opera. Is that weird? Taking some time to wrap presents totally relaxes me after a stressful day!

I am often asked HOW I wrap presents. Here are my #protips!

Buy nice paper. It can feel painful to shell out extra cash to get the luxe paper, but it’s worth it! It really makes the receiver feel special. I LOVE Sugar Paper, which can be found at Target!

Forgo the stress of wrapping an unusually shaped or soft item and make it easy on yourself with sharp, crisp edges. I always keep nice boxes for this reason! It’s just SO much easier to wrap a rectangular box than anything else.

Stand up! This seems silly, but it’s actually so much harder to wrap a present sitting down. If you want to do it right, you’ve gotta put your back into it. Find a counter or tabletop that’s at a comfortable height, put on some comfy shoes, and get to it!

Accessorize! There are so many cute tags, ribbons, bows, and poofs to add to your box. Remember, the goal is to make your gift look so good that it doesn’t matter what’s inside!

Happy wrapping!