S'more Pink, Please! | How a Doll Celebrates National S'mores Day | The Caroline Doll

Today’s blog is inspired by National S'mores Day, Dolls. Why this day is in balmy August rather than in cool October is beyond me. Am I the only one who associates campfires with the Fall? Nevertheless, I am mastering this campfire classic in the only way I know how. How does one accomplish this? By adding s’more PINK! 

Before you continue to scroll through a blog full of pictures that will make you want to drop what you're doing and get your hands on something sweet to eat (it's Friday, Dolls. Go open that pantry), I wanted to share a little story: What if I told you that marshmallows were originally used for medicinal purposes? Read on...

As we all know, chocolate has medicinal purposes. (Heartbreak? Chocolate. Stress? Chocolate. This may be an unofficial chocolate claim, but it is most definitely a universal claim.) According to Tim Richardson's Sweets: A History of Candythe original marshmallow came from a mallow plant called Althaea officinalis. "Althaea" comes from the Greek word, "altheo" meaning "to cure!" Sticky white sap oozed from its roots and ancient civilizations used it to calm inflammation! But leave it to the French to turn this medicine into a culinary confection...

With a dash of sugar and an egg or two, the French mixed this gooey sap with #allthegoodthings. In the 1800s, this foamy paste was sold as a sweet-fix for soar throats! Eventually, gelatin replaced the sap as a more cost-effective ingredient. But leave it to a group of girls to turn this delight into something a little s'more....

The first official recipe for what we call a s'more appeared in the 1927 Girl Scout guidebook "Tramping and Trailing with the Girls Scouts." The recipe was for what they dubbed "Some More" was eventually abbreviated to "s'more!" 

Below, I've shared a little one-two-three how-to when it comes to making s'mores a little s'more pink!



Gather all of your basics, Dolls. 

Graham Crackers

Pink and white chocolate chips

Pink and white marshmallows

A heart-shaped mold




Melt the pink chocolate chips in the Microwave. (Convenience over campfire, Dolls). Pour into the heart-shaped molds. Allow them to harden in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes!





Assemble away and and pop in the microwave to complete a PINK s'more!




Cure any and all problems (if only for a moment!) and enjoy!

For any of my Richmond Dolls who are firm believers in chocolate as a cure-all, you HAVE to stop by Miss Maude's and try her "Why Choose" bar. One chocolate bar, eight compartments each filled with a delicious filling of their own!