National Happiness Happens Day | Celebrating 1K for POSH PR®! | The Caroline Doll


A year ago, I remember talking with one of my dolls about what the future of POSH PR® and The Caroline Doll looked like. We sat there trying to determine if it makes sense for The Caroline Doll Blog to live on the POSH PR® website. We discussed who, exactly, each platform was talking to. We seemed to keep talking in circles and never really came to a conclusion. (Grant it, we were riding in a taxi from landing in New Orleans and exhausted!). I think we both knew what was best then, but didn’t want to face the reality of unknowns and so…nothing happened. 

I had worked SO hard to build The Caroline Doll audience to the number it is today, both on Facebook and Instagram. If we separated the two, would that mean I’d lose followers? Would POSH PR® get more attention than The Caroline Doll or vice versa? I let my fear of the unknown keep us in a status quo for quite some time. Don’t get me wrong, dolls! Over the past year, POSH PR® has pivoted and grown! But I was still leaning on the security of attaching it with The Caroline Doll. Nothing happened until I MADE something happen.

As you know, a few weeks ago we finally separated the two platforms. And do you know what? In a matter of weeks, POSH PR® hit 1K followers! Along with that, our strategy calendars are planned for the next month and we’re already starting to plan two months in advance. On the other side of “waiting for something to happen,” happiness happened!


Today is National Happiness Happens day. I couldn’t be more happy and proud of that little boutique PR agency of mine and I am totally celebrating the 1K! But before you go thinking happiness is a happenstance, a random occurrence that happens to you, think again. Happiness happens because of you. It happens by the actions you take. 

Whenever we are scared to take a risk, we put it off. We wait. But more and more I am discovering that the more you act and lean into that fear, the more you overcome, the more happiness happens!