How To Save Money (& Make Money!) Without Really Trying | The Caroline Doll | Lifestyle Blogger

Does the word, “budget,” cause your heart to race a little? Or maybe it’s the word “investing.” (I won’t ask about the word, “savings,” Doll. Moving on…!) Money is power, dolls, but so is knowledge. Knowing and implementing a few financial tips when it comes to managing your finances yields significant ROIs. 


Every tip below is easy. Every tip below is available to most people. My challenge to you? Commit yourself to ONE (or more!) for a month. Before you know it, saving money will become an addiction. Read on!


Last week, I needed to print something at Fedex for the Richmond Weddings Summer Show. It cost $750. (This was glossy paper for the VIP attendees.) I opened a new window on my computer and googled “Fedex coupon” and found one for 50% off my next purchase. $375? Much better.


Meet with an accountant. Take the time to sit with an accountant and ask what you can do for end-of-year tax deductions. I had an accountant as soon as I started earning an income! 


I get excited when I can return unused paper to Hobby Lobby for $3.95. Why? Because that’s a Starbucks, Doll. Also, if you buy something and don’t wear it within a week, return it. Wait and save that money for something that fires you up!


Especially when it comes to household and grocery items, I always compare. The other day I was in the toilet paper aisle at Target comparing prices. My husband, Costa, said to me, “Babe, you’re standing there with a Louis Vuitton bag on your arm. It’s just $2.” Again, that’s half of a Starbucks. Priorities, babe.


I am all about consignment, dolls. I sell the props we use for photoshoots. And if they don’t sell? I donate them to the Goodwill or a non-profit and keep the receipts for tax returns. 


I want a point for everything. Whoever initiated the point system for airlines and credit cards was a genius. Humans are driven by incentive and earning points is like winning a game. Sign-up for every airline point service. It’s free. Sign your kids up when they’re young, too! 


More companies offer referral programs than you think. I had been using Planoly since 2010, recommending the app for my POSH PR® social media management clients, too! I only just learned they have a referral program last week! So, I contacted them and explained my situation. I got $10 for each account I’ve referred in the past few years! Always, always ask. Speaking of asking…


Especially for my dolls who blog, always ask other businesses if they partner with bloggers. Last year, we went to New Orleans and got to dine at Brennan’s in exchange for a blog post! People are always looking to connect. (We love pink and Brennan’s is the pinkest building in the French Quarter! Instant connection.)


If you own a business, make your life a little easier with American Express. I have been a cardholder since 2010. They have the best customer service. I use AmEx as a debit card in order to collect points, which I pay off each month. Some people try and sign up for multiple credit cards to collect points. I consolidate and only use AmEx. I even had my husband get an AmEx so we can collect his points! (He pays me back each month!) Each of my employees has a a business AmEx, which means all of their swiping goes to me! You know all of those automated payments? Don’t automate them to your bank account, dolls. Automate them to your AmEx and get-those-points!


Hair extensions are expensive. So is tanning. I trade POSH PR® services with beauty salons. So, yes — my dolls and I can all get our hair done by the same place!

The best piece of advice I can give a doll is to check your bank account daily. I want to know where every penny is going and have made that a part of my morning routine. After kissing my poodle, I check my bank account. It’s kind of like exercising first thing in the morning. If you do, you’re less likely to indulge throughout the day!

Money is powerful. Knowledge is even more powerful…and FREE!