There's A Reason Why There's A National Vision Board Day...

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, discovers National Vision Board Day, a day that celebrates turning dreams into reality!

Dolls, tomorrow is National Vision Board Day! How did I NOT know this was a thing? I mean, it totally should be, but I can’t believe I’m just discovering this. 

It’s funny. The minute I’m introduced to a new client I immediately want to create a mood board. Why? Call it a mood board or call it a vision board, this is the number one way to bring a concept into reality. For bridal clients and PR clients, mood boards have always been my number one step.

Recently, I feel like I’ve talked about that “first step” toward accomplishing your dreams a lot. Then I find out tomorrow is National Vision Board Day. So, I’m going to take that as a sign to keep encouraging you to take that first step, and to keep sharing ways with which you can do so.

The reason why I call it a “mood” board is because for business, a mood board sets the mood for your business’s personality, what it will look like, what it will say, what it will accomplish. Have you ever tried making a vision board for your life?! Why not? 

Visualizing helps get those ideas out of our heads. Think about it! When you see something, you want it more. Why NOT inspire yourself? Include words you hope to live by, styles you want to incorporate, #hairgoals, #gymgoals. Be sure to mix it up with both short term goals and lifetime achievements! 

Stop dog-earing magazines to pages you probably won’t flip to again, and start cutting them out and pasting them onto a mood board that’s on full display 24/7! Go to your local craft store and grab some hot glue, glitter, and whatever else may inspire you to CREATE your future, sweet dolls.

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