Freedom in Failure

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, finds inspiration to move forward!

There’s freedom in failure, dolls. 

I know we’re all used to talking about the fear of failure, but today I thought I’d talk about the freedom of failure. 

Really, for the year of 2018, my hope is to approach as many things as I can from a perspective of productivity. Is the way I am thinking about this particular occurrence productive? Will it enable me to move forward? Or will it trap my thoughts in a back-and-forth conversation of how I think things should have happened, how I was wronged, how impossible I think something is — things I can’t change. That conversation happens all too frequently. In my mind, I picture my feet in my pink velvet combat boots rooted in the mud. It’s not pretty. I’m stuck. It gets me no where!

Instead of rooting my feet in the mud, I want to root my identity in productivity. Instead of dwelling on the things I can’t change, I hope to create the change I need to move forward. I hope to be intentional about not letting my failures be setbacks, but rather diving boards for opportunity! 

There is freedom in failure because it closes doors. It releases us from hanging on to one door knob, when we should be turning another. This year, my sincerest hope for all of you is to have a brand new perspective on everything that comes your way. It IS all happening for a reason. This too shall pass, and it will pass into something great! KNOW that. EXPECT that!

Martin Luther King, Jr. is quoted as saying the following,

"If you can’t fly, then run…if you can’t run, then walk…if you can’t walk, then crawl…but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward." 

Dolls, whatever you do this year, keep moving forward, move forward into building your dreams! Let us help you move forward into building your brand! We’d love to hear from you at!