That Time I Was On The Cover...

Not even a hurricane can keep The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, from doing what she loves! Read more about her photoshoot and cover for the Esplanade Palm Beach 2017-2018 lookbook!

Do you remember that time I landed in Florida for a photo-shoot the same day a federal emergency was declared for the entire state of Florida? It’s hard to forget. But as they say, out of adversity comes opportunity. I’m SO excited to share with you what really went on that stormy, stormy day…or days.

A while ago, I partnered with The Shops at Stonefield in Charlottesville. The company who manages their PR told me that while they know I could help them with a branding project for Stonefield, they really saw me working with them in Carmel or on Worth Avenue, eventually. As time went on, they asked me to come to their headquarters on Worth Avenue and told me they wanted me to help with branding for Esplanade Palm Beach, and to be the actual face of Esplanade, in a sense! They asked me to help pioneer the first “trend guide lookbook”! I was SO blown away by the offer and knew this had to happen, come rain or shine!


Well, the hurricane decided to come. But that still didn’t stop me. I had gone ahead and packed almost every luxury designer item I had. I bought a ticket for my own photographer to come with me, just in case the photographer in Florida was planning on evacuating, like the rest of the entire state. Off we went with Louis Vuitton in one hand and Gucci in the other!

We arrived in Florida and sure enough, everything was closed. We had planned for the next day to be a day of meeting everyone, and planning the shoot, and for the shoot to happen on the third day. Instead, we woke up the next morning and executed the photoshoot. I did my own hair and makeup and for the first photo on the abandoned streets of Worth Avenue, I wore my own clothes. Luckily, we were working with the marketing agency, Think.Shop, who’s team was just as adamant as I was! 

The end product was released and I can’t tell you how good it feels to see what can happen when you put your mind to it! Click here to view the lookbook! As always, e-mail us at for any PR or branding inquires. I promise, there’s very little that can keep me from doing what I love!