Helping My Clients' Dreams Come True Is My Dream Come True!

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, shares a manifestation of what she loves to do: turning a client's dream into reality! The creation of Sugar & Hive, Richmond's newest beauty bar, has been SO inspiring to help grow!

I get to do what I love and so can you.

One of my favorite photo shoots we did was for my client, Summer Layton and her new beauty bar, Sugar & Hive. This has been one fairytale turned reality that I myself am SO inspired by. Helping her give life to something she’s worked so hard for, what more could a doll ask for?

Summer has always been a lover of all things beauty. She’s a natural researcher, always experimenting to find the best beauty products out there. After visiting several different salons and beauty bars in the country, she never quite found what she was looking for; she never found the real-life Steel Magnolias she grew up loving. 


So, what’s a girl to do when she discovers a need in the market? Meet it herself! After years in the insurance industry, Summer decided it was time for a change. It was time to create Sugar & Hive. Summer’s dream for Sugar & Hive was to not only be your go-to home for high-quality beauty services and products, but to also be a home for all things sweet and southern. Her vision? “Creating a southern chic twist on luxurious yet affordable beauty focusing on brows, skin and lashes.”

Taking that vision and translating it into a photo shoot was SO much fun! We wanted to capture that southern chic look with sweet touches of pink and refreshing pops of yellow. In order to communicate the combination of a luxury beauty bar yet a hospitable home, we created a set that looked like the kind of pretty place you were welcome to come and hang-out in. Creating our clients’ personal look from make-up to wardrobe is a particular favorite of mine. Seeing their smiles once they’re all dolled up? That just makes my heart SO full!


Writing this, it’s hard to believe she’s already launched her website, opened a temporary space, booking clients, and is over-seeing the completion of the future permanent home to Sugar & Hive in the GreenGate shopping center in Short Pump! On top of all this? She’s a momma of two! I’ve already had one Sugar & Hive Hydrafacial treatment (click here to read!) and can’t wait for my next! 

Basically, what I love to do is to help other women do what THEY love to do. From idea to creation, POSH PR® is your go to business BFF. Let’s turn your dream into reality, dolls! E-mail us at!

P.S. There’s only a few more days to become a VIP member of the Sugar & Hive family at a significantly discounted price. Click here to sign up!