My SculpSure Experience


Manicures, blowouts, retail therapy—these all have a place in designing a luxury lifestyle for yourself. There are so many treatments and products out there today that can help a doll feel confident and empowered in the skin she’s in, and I am always curious about what’s out there! 

I have shared before that I have hypothyroidism, which means that I have a very slow metabolism and weight loss is basically impossible. When I heard about the SculpSure service offered by Dr. Travis Shaw here in town, I had to know more!

So, first things first. SculpSure is NOT a weight-loss system. It is a fat reduction system, meaning it can help with those stubborn areas, but working out, eating right, and living a healthy lifestyle are the keys to long-term well-being! If you are totally owning your health and fitness, but still have those stubborn areas (we all do!), SculpSure may be for you.

Even though I was nervous to try a new procedure, I was met with so many little delights on the day of my appointment. For example, reserved parking spots right at the front for Dr. Shaw patients! I am that girl who will valet anywhere, so this was a very pleasant surprise. 

Entering the office, I could not help but notice the atmosphere of warmth and familiarity. People were hugging and all the staff seemed to know all of the patients’ names. Everyone was so friendly from start to finish!


One of the best perks? Coffee! So many procedures require that you cut your caffeine intake before coming in, but I had my second cup of the day while I waited! #butfirstcoffee

Dr. Shaw wants everyone to feel like their absolute best. He wants to help celebrate the natural beauty in every person and build a customized plan, not just sell all the services to anyone who walks in! In this way, I really feel that Dr. Shaw cares about outer beauty coming from within.


When it was time for my sculpting, my esthetician, Ashley, helped me strap into the big SculpSure machine. Yes, it is a little scary! I was so glad to have Ashley there to talk me through everything. She was with me throughout the entire 25 minute session and you might not be surprised to find out that it basically became a Doll Date! Ashley is an amazing photographer on the side and we talked through building her brand. Even though she provided me with ice packs, mints, water, and a fan, diving into work and tapping into the business side of my mind was the best way to distract myself from the nerves and discomfort of the machine!

PS—totally check out Ashley’s Instagram @ashleydortonphotography!


As far as the actual procedure, basically there are four lasers strapped onto you. For about 20 minutes, the non-invasive lasers are melting fat beneath your skin. The fat cells are destroyed forever in this process. The procedure differs from CoolSculpting, which takes an hour and requires much more downtime. Additionally, CoolSculpting may damage your nerves, while SculpSure is very safe for your body.

The downside to SculpSure is really just like any other body shaping method—it takes time to see results! So if you’re interested in trying this for a wedding or big event, make sure to get on the calendar ahead of time so that you can do their recommended 3 appointments  and still have time for the results to show. And by the way—Dr. Shaw was offering buy one, get one appointments when I went!

If you aren’t sure whether SculSure is right for you, I say go ahead and make an appointment to meet with Dr. Shaw! He offers many other cosmetic procedures and will want to do what’s best for your body and your goals. Remember, dolls: ultimately only you know what your own #bodygoals are!