A Collab Made Up In Heaven

You already know that the Museum of Ice Cream has a special place in my heart. Sweet, unique, and oh-so-Instagrammable!

You also know my deep and abiding love for makeup…so when I was strolling through the mall and stumbled upon a Sephora x Museum of Ice Cream collaboration, I bought the whole line! (Yes, my husband questioned me. Yes, he was dismissed.)


Dolls, this line is the cutest thing you will ever see! I was SO excited to open up these pink makeup brushes with sprinkles in the handles (!!) but 100% more excited when I realized the sprinkle background in the package was actually a sprinkle clutch! This is ADORABLE for a girl’s day out or if you just want to add some color and spunk to your day! Be a little extra, doll!

This huge pink popsicle? It’s actually an eye shadow palette with colors like Cherry, Float, and Mochi. You know how I didn’t even realize there was a clutch hiding behind the brush set? Well this palette has a secret of its own: tug on the handle and you’ll reveal a compartment with another pink brush!

The pink and yellow sugar wafer contains a full face palette with two illuminating cream-to-powder formulas and four soft-pressed powders. Perfect for that “creamy” glow! And I love the vibrancy of the blushes. It may look like a children’s toy but the makeup itself is definitely quality!

I love a lip gloss, and this set of four has fabulous summery colors that are nostalgic and modern at the same time. Completely obsessed with the popsicle shape!

Finally, Sephora x MoIC has a set of bright feathery eyelashes. These may not be an every day look, but are perfect for a fun night out or maybe even Halloween! Carry that sprinkle clutch and you’ll look like a dream.

PS: If you’re looking for a little extra #blessing in your day, Target carries actual ice cream pints by Museum of Ice Cream! Treat yourself, doll!