Trick or Treat?

For this Halloween-edition blog, I’m addressing 5 myths about #bossbabe life. Have you ever thought something was treat, but it turned out to be a trick? What about the reverse? I’d love to hear about it!

Fake followers: TRICK

Have you ever gotten a direct message or seen a comment advertising free followers? Many influencer brands have taken to buying followers or engagement bots to pump up their Instagram profiles. Little to no effort for hundreds of followers? Sounds like a treat! Well dolls, this is a TRICK. Empty engagement and fake follows do nothing for you in the long run! Yeah, it might make you look impressive on the outside, but those bots are not turning around any business or partnerships for you. Would you rather have 25,000 followers listed on your profile, or $25,000 in your bank account because your couple hundred followers are actually loyal to your brand and want to work with you?

Fake flowers: TREAT

I love real flowers. My home is always filled with live pink roses. They bring so much life and romance to a room! But when it comes to a photoshoot, fake flowers are 100% TREAT! They aren’t as delicate as real flowers, so you can crush them, spend hours in the hot sun with them, cut ‘em up or throw some glitter on them, and they’ll still be ready to go to work for your next photoshoot.

Knockoff shoes: TRICK

I know, it can be tempting to buy that pair of knockoffs on Amazon. Anyone who knows me knows I love a deal! But cheap shoes and purses don’t last, sweet doll. Luxury items are an investment. They will take you through event after event, cherished memory after cherished memory—just like my Sophia Webster pumps that have been with me for my sweetest moments. Knockoff shoes are harsh on your feet and likely to wear down quickly! Fake metal jewelry will tarnish irreparably! Not to mention, cheaply made clothing is often made by sweatshop workers who are not being paid fairly. When you invest in good pieces for yourself, you are also investing in ethical practices!


 Being yourself: TREAT

In a world saturated with gorgeous photoshoots and Pinterest-board lives, we all want a little of what we don’t have. And it’s great to keep your eyes on the prize! With the right hustle & heart, you CAN achieve that lifestyle—as long as it’s authentic to who you are! When you are yourself, you will have no competition, sweet doll. It’s easy to put on a mask and only show the world what you think they will say is successful. But you are already a success, just the way you are!

Unicorns: TRICK

Fooled you, didn’t I? These aren’t unicorns, they are just my furry babies! Confession: I bought three extra small unicorn hats for my pups from Target…let’s just say the “dressing up” process is not their favorite! Luckily, we worked a little unicorn magic at the last minute. Trick or treat!