Take a visual stroll through the Museum of Ice Cream with The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®!

The simplest description of an entrepreneur would be someone who couldn’t find what they needed and went out to create it themselves.

Well, Maryellis Bunn couldn’t find anything new to do in New York City, so she created a museum. I know what you’re thinking, “New York City is full of museums…Creating another museum isn’t all that innovative, Caroline.” Well, yes. But taking a tried and true concept, and giving fresh new life to it by putting it in a slightly different perspective and making it relatable and attractive to the current culture’s taste is. That’s JUST what Bunn did when she appealed to the tried and true (mostly) universal love of ice cream and today’s necessary ability to answer yes to the question, “Is it Instagramable?”

While we didn’t learn much about ice cream, itself, during our trip to the museum, we DID learn and experience exceptional branding. Right from the start, the museum patrons were energetic, engaging us and asking where we were from, what our favorite ice cream flavor was, why were we here. They then created a team name for us and selected a team captain — me. Branding Lesson #1: They wanted to get to know us and incorporated us as an essential part of the whole experience.

The first room we visited was the most recognizable: the pool of sprinkles. We jumped right in and the fact that it was a timed experience (2 minutes per group) only added to the urgency and fun of it all! Branding Lesson #2: Through the museum, they provided interactive, hands on, and tangible client experience!

No color was left unused. Each room was visually engaging, reminiscent of Willy Wonka turned Babes in Toyland with a touch of Candyland, all with the digital vibrancy of 21st century creativity! Though some may still be reluctant to acknowledge it, Branding Lesson #3 is a real thing: Every inch of the museum was Instagramable.

The Museum of Ice Cream was such a sweet experience, dolls. We are SO inspired to take our branding, and your branding to the next level. By incorporating the lessons above you’ll have clients experiencing exactly what we’re experiencing: wanting to come back for more!

If you’re just as passionate about making your brand as culturally savvy, vibrantly marketable, and can’t-miss-out desirable, work with us! Contact us here, doll!