Pink Friday


You’ve heard of Black Friday, now get ready for PINK FRIDAY!! Looking for something oh-so-pretty to give (…or ask for) for Christmas? Here’s a roundup of some of my very favorite pink things.



I’m completely obsessed with my Sophia Webster crystal heels. This is literally the easiest way to add wow factor to your outfit. Pink, soft, shiny… yep, these check all the boxes!

If you love pink, but heels maybe aren’t your thing (valid!), try these Topshop booties. The chunky heel will give you the confidence you need to stand tall and strut your stuff! They look super cute with a light wash pair of cutoffs!



I will tell you now: luxury makeup is W O R T H I T. When you mess with cheap stuff, it can irritate your skin, rub off quickly, or just be all-around difficult to apply. That’s why I love my Louboutin pink nail polish. Ok, I also love it because I’m obsessed with the fact that the cap is as tall as his highest heels?!

I love a bold pink lip, and Chanel always has the bright and feminine colors I need for my every-day face!



Alright, this one isn’t exactly pink, but purple is still in the family! I mean, this Kate Spade ring is shaped like a unicorn, so I was not about to leave it out!

I also loooove my pink tassel earrings by MISA. They always make a statement and look so good with a casual updo!



Books are one of my absolute favorite styling tools. I use books to prop up vases, display tiny trinkets, start conversations around the coffee table, and of course to read and be inspired by! All In Good Taste is an essential Kate Spade book on hostessing. A must have for any doll that parties pretty!

Who could resist the hot pink of this YSL book? It details Saint Laurent’s work over the years and adds so much life to any bookshelf.


This category is called “extra” because these items are, well, a little extra! My pink Kitchen Aid is a focal point in my kitchen and the perfect gift for a bride-to-be! Seriously, who says kitchen appliances can’t be cute?

Speaking of brides, this Minimergency kit is a great stocking stuffer for the doll-on-the-go. It’s got everything you need to stop fashion emergencies before they start, and the glittery bag is adorable!

Ok, so I couldn’t think of an occasion for these champagne gummy bears, other than that Champagne Is Always The Answer®, so if you’re stuck on what to get that special someone, you can’t go wrong with this sweet and boozy treat!

Happy shopping!