All The Thankfulness!

Happy Thanksgiving eve, sweet dolls! I hope this blog finds you with a cup of coffee, surrounded by loved ones.

Caroline and Costa Engagement-0090 copy.jpg

I am on my way to Palm Beach and I am pretty much just overwhelmed by how much I have to be thankful for! Not least of which is getting to spend a warm holiday in one of my favorite cities with my favorite people: my parents and hubby.

I’m spending some time reflecting on all that I’m thankful for, and I hope you have some time to do so, too! God has blessed me in so many ways. These are just a few of them!


I am traveling with my very favorite companion: my husband Costa. He’s Greek, he’s handsome, and he’s my soul mate. How many men do you know whose idea of a perfect evening is drinking wine and walking around the mall? See what I mean? #Dreamman!


If I don’t talk about her enough, I am SO thankful for my mother every single day. I often say she is the secret to my success! I would in no way be the woman I am today without her, and without her daily phone calls. I miss her when she’s in Palm Beach…but again, thankful for the chance to spend Thanksgiving in the heat!

My Company

I am SO grateful for my company, POSH PR®, and everything it has taught me. Not only the challenges and celebrations, but the community of women that I get to work with daily. Every day I am inspired by all the hardworking women around me who are chasing their dreams and building a life they love.


Sometimes I truly cannot even believe that I live somewhere where I am able to learn and grow and run my own business. The fact that I was able to create a space for myself (a tall, blonde, unapologetically feminine woman!) to do what I love every day honestly blows my mind! Not to mention that these days, there are so many resources and communities that offer encouragement and tips for women in business.


Every time I meet up with my family or out-of-town clients, I am thankful for modern technology that allows me to travel! I don’t have to lose too much work time, and I get to connect with clients who live in the COOLEST places—LA, Miami, New York! I am so blessed to know so many women in so many places!

Champagne Is Always The Answer® 

What, you thought I was going to write a whole blog for what I’m thankful for without mentioning CHAMPAGNE? Thankful for a pretty, bubbly drink to commemorate all of life’s most precious moments.

A very happy Thanksgiving from me to you, sweet doll!!