Happy Hour

It’s no secret that Champagne is Always the Answer is a motto I *closely* adhere to. But there comes a time when you need to mix it up or add variety to a client event. The right drink (and glassware!!) can really set the tone for a party! Here’s my guide for what to serve your guests and clients at any event.



If you’ve got a morning event, champagne actually IS the answer…mixed with orange juice, of course! To really wow your guests, set up a mimosa bar with a variety of juices (these can vary depending on the season! Try grapefruit, apple, or cranberry juice!) and garnishes. Mimosas should be served in champagne flutes (I love this modern West Elm version), which means garnishes should be small fruits that can be dropped into the bottom of the glass. Anything big and bushy will hinder your ability to drink out of the small opening!


For afternoon events, serve a sampling of light beers or ciders. Local is always good to foster partnerships with other businesses in your area and help your guests feel like they’re getting something special—especially if they are out-of-towners! Arrange them in a cute beverage bin, like this white scalloped tub from Target.


If you are a little more bougie (respect!), you might try a session cocktail, which is a mixed drink that has a low alcohol content. You are day drinking, after all! Vermouth and soda served in a highball glass (obsessed with the gold base on these) with a citrus wedge is perfect for a warm outdoor event.

And of course, you can’t go wrong with rosé! Pink bubbles are basically my love language.


For a classy evening event, it’s always good to have a couple of red wine options. The scale of the event might call for bartenders, but if you’re a DIYer you can’t go wrong with anything served in a coupe glass! To keep it simple, try a Manhattan (rye + sweet vermouth garnished with a cherry), a martini (gin + dry vermouth garnished with an olive), or classic daiquiri (white rum + simple syrup with a lime garnish). Yes, I have a pink coupe glass recommendation! 


If you’re meeting with a client and are just looking for a great place to meet over drinks, Cooper’s Hawk is my second home. For a later night meetup, Wine Loft has great vibes. And of course, I can barely go one blog without mentioning Quirk. From the pink lobby to the rooftop bar, Quirk has hosted too many POSH PR® + client meetings to count.

A classic drink recipe or bartending service is a great addition to your Go-To list. And if you’re still figuring out what your go-to drink is, I’m happy to taste-test with you!