DIY Luxury Cabinets

How do I personalize my home? With fresh flowers, fashion books, and of course: custom furniture!

You all know that I love luxury AND I love a bargain. So I decided to DIY it up and turn some Ikea shelves into luxe custom cabinets!


First step: choose a high-end finish. I picked the whitest and glossiest Kallax shelf unit from Ikea. I ordered the cabinet inserts because sometimes a doll needs a place to hide her odds and ends!

I love how many options Ikea has for mixing and matching pieces and accessories. I went for an 8-shelf unit and put cabinets on all of them!

But for a truly custom look, you can’t stop at Ikea! After ordering the major parts, I went to trust Amazon to find these dainty gold ring pulls to replace the plain silver ones that came with my cabinets. 

Here is the look I have been living with for the past few months. You could stop here and still have a gorgeous, understated piece to hold #alltheaccessories and #allthebooks.

Buuuut…why stop at understated?

My favorite Greek things: yogurt, my husband, and key details. I ordered Greek key decals from O’verlay (cannot say enough about how sweet and efficient their customer service is, or how easy their website is to use! Plus, their Instagram account gives us all the feels) and Gorilla Glued those babies onto my cabinets!


The finished product! I style pretty much all surfaces in my home with a stack of fashion books (currently loving Kate Spade’s Things We Love) or magazines and a vase filled with roses. You could also use cake stands, candles, or picture frames to dress it up! The important thing is to reflect YOU and your personality. I want EVERYONE who visits to feel like a doll!