Dress Code

So you just received a gorgeous invitation to the party of the year. But…it’s like they’re talking in code! Black tie? White tie? What does that even mean for women? I’m here for you with a handy guide to decoding party dress code.

OR…maybe you’re throwing a party and have a vision in your head for how everyone will look but have no idea how to convey that in your limited invite space! Read on, doll!



You’re in luck—this is maybe the one time where men have steeper dress requirements than women! A white tie event is the fanciest of fancy. You’ll want to be red-carpet ready in a floor length ball gown, sparkly jewelry, and a hair + makeup team behind you! Want to add a little Old Hollywood glamour? Add long gloves!



Black tie is a more approachable formal event. A floor-length gown is preferred, but you can get away with your very nicest Little Black (or Pink!) Dress. Just make sure you are still styled to the 9s with hair, makeup, and accessories!



Now’s the time to bring out those shorter hemlines! A cocktail dress can be any silhouette, though you should stick to nicer fabrics like silks, satins, and velvets. Pair your dress with a cute clutch and drop earrings!



Your company party might call for Business Casual, which basically means wearing a blazer. You’ll want more conservative cuts, but your look should still fit you well! Don’t be afraid to go bold with color, pattern, and accessories, but imagine your future boss walking in…would you be embarrassed?



You might receive an invite that says “festive,” “creative,” or  in my case, “sparkly!” This is something I love to put on party invites because I love some flair! I always encourage my guests to go over-the-top and wear their most fun outfits. If you ever receive an invitation like this, take it as encouragement to experiment!

I hope this helps you dress for the holidays, sweet doll! Remember: it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed!