Blessings in Disguise


Earlier this week, I had One Of Those Days. You know the ones I mean. The printer is jamming. Deadlines are looming. The dogs won’t stop barking. One Of Those Days where it feels like the world is against you!

And you know the saying “when it rains, it pours?” Doesn’t it always feel like when one little thing goes wrong, a million things go wrong?!

Well, I had to take a step back and adjust my mindset. After all, perspective can change everything! How were all the bad things signifiers of all the ways God has blessed me?

Well, first of all, looming deadlines means that I actually have clients and people depending on me! It’s so easy to take work for granted and forget what it feels like to be jobless, or stuck in a job without joy. I had to remember that I am incredibly lucky to have a job to begin with—how much luckier to be doing what I love?! If I didn’t have an amazing client base, I wouldn’t have so many due dates on my calendar. That alone changed my outlook on the whole day!

And the barking dogs? The noise can be frustrating, but when I look into my sweet poodle baby’s eyes I am overwhelmed by all the love these three puppies have given me over the years. Dogs are so intuitive about what their owners are feeling, and the dog babies have always been there to snuggle up and make cute sleepy noises!

As for the jamming printer…I’m sure you’ve experienced the total nightmare that printing can be! I don’t know how I have a phone that can recognize my face without makeup, yet my printer eats up paper and prints off-center! After troubleshooting for what felt like my entire life, I decided to just go to a professional printer. And do you know what happened there? The printing rep was a man who was eager to hear about Jesus, and I had the opportunity to share with him all the goodness that He brings into my life! I mean, what a way for God to gently remind me that He is in control of every disastrous situation.

So, sweet doll, my challenge to you: when everything seems to go wrong, ask yourself what blessings led you to today. You might even find yourself grateful for the roadblocks, because they are a reminder that you are on the road at all!