Animal Instinct


Earlier this week, I took my dolls on a holiday tacky light tour. While we had so much fun listening to Cardi B (my opera station was vetoed!) and drinking champagne, I actually walked away with a surprising amount of insight!

In between tacky light houses, one of my dolls asked everyone to list their top 3 favorite animals. Here are mine:

A unicorn

Duh! I love these beautiful, magical creatures that have come to symbolize both myself and my business, POSH PR®. Unicorns can be pink and gold and sparkly. They are unique and have healing power—there aren’t enough unicorns!

A lioness

Lions are fierce and strong, with playful spirits. I love a fabulous mane of hair, but we all know that the women in a pride of lions are the real leaders!

A dinosaur

Not just any dinosaur, but a tyrannosaurus rex! I don’t know why, but I just love the image of a big mama T-rex protecting her young. I imagine all of the other predators thinking they want to attack the T-rex, but never succeeding because T-rex is the strongest and scariest!

My list was good for a laugh, but then I learned what each animal on the list means. If you’re curious, write down your answers before reading ahead for the big reveal!

The important factor is not the specific animal you chose, but why you chose it.

A unicorn

Your first favorite animal reveals how others see you. I was flattered! I of course want to be a beautiful, magical creature, and I want my business to be one too. A unicorn stands apart from the crowd. They are proud to be different! There is no creature like them. I want my clients to have allllll the unicorn vibes when they visit my office!

A lioness

Your second favorite animal reveals how you see yourself. When I was listing daily affirmations, the first one I thought of was “you are fierce!” To be fierce is to never back down from what you believe in. To have supreme confidence in who you are! And…ok, I like to think of myself as a leader among men, too!

A dinosaur

Your third favorite animal reveals how you really are. I would never have said that a dinosaur is my spirit animal. It was a surprise to learn that your third favorite animal reveals the most about you! As I pondered this I realized that I do have elements of mama T-rex in me! It’s not that predators are after me, or that I have actual babies to protect, but when it comes to any obstacle in life—deadlines, miscommunications, day-to-day stresses—I hulk up to fight them! I don’t want any work of the enemy to rise up against me, my business, or my dolls. How do I fight these challengers? Not by ripping them apart with my teeth, but with the power of positivity and prayer! 

I know it’s a silly game, but I really took to heart what I learned about myself just by thinking about why I love my favorite animals. Which animals did you choose? I hope if you played along with me that your reflections are valuable to you, too!