Think Inside the Box!


I love getting a little extra during the holidays. Ok, I love to be a little extra all of the time! But when you can’t help but buy all the cute little accessories and decorations, you need a solid storage system to keep your home clean and clutter-free. I may love diamonds, bows, sequins, and fur, but I’m still a minimalist at heart! 

Forget about climbing into a dusty old attic and disguise your maximalist tendencies with gift boxes! I just love opening up my cute Ikea + O'verlays cabinets to find nothing but pretty pink boxes. Yes, regular plastic bins will get the job done, but I’m obsessed with the Sugar Paper gift boxes, which you can find online. I got mine at Target! Why not make your storage pretty?

To be honest, I get very anxious when my home isn’t clean and tidy. Seeing something just a little out of place can drive me nuts—which is why people are always shocked to learn just how many odds and ends I can find right in my living room! I have a box for ribbon, a box for desk supplies, and of course lots of boxes for makeup and jewelry. I even have a box that is solely used for balloons (because you never know when you’ll need to #partypretty at the last minute!) 

Only the things I’m currently using are ever on display, but it is so easy to switch out one set of decor for another. I know just where to find the makeup brush, unicorn sticker, archived client work, or pair of earrings I need for a day’s work—but you would never know from just looking at my home!


PS: Love hosting? Keep all of your different place setting pieces in a credenza. Your guests will never know how you have a different plate for every occasion! I love anything from West Elm!

Another #protip: If you’ve got extra boxes and supplies that you don’t know what to do with, wrap ‘em up and put them under the tree! Let’s be real—does anyone really have all of their presents bought and wrapped when they put up their tree? Nothing wrong with a fake gift to give your tree some holiday cheer in the meantime, doll!

How do you keep your home clutter-free during the holidays? Let me know in the comments!