Showstopping Sequins

One of the best things about the Christmas and New Year season is that glitter, sequins, and twinkles are easily found. As you might imagine, sequins are kind of my jam. But how does one go about actually wearing tiny, shiny, pieces of plastic? Fear not, pretty girl! There are so many ways to style sequins, from casual to chic!


With PJs

Sequins make a great statement. Here’s a little secret: There’s nothing wrong with making a statement to yourself! I will throw on a sequin sweater like this one from Zara even if all I’m doing is drinking coffee and catching up on the latest issue of Vogue. If you look nice, you’ll feel nice, even if you’re the only one to see yourself! (But if you’re like me, deliveries are basically non-stop, so chances are that I will at least be seen by the mailman!)


With Fur

Move over LBD! This doll loves an LGD…Little Glittery Dress! Try a fun, full-sequin mini dress like this one from Free People for a glam night out with your girlfriends or even a fun date downtown with your SO. You’ll slip into a going-out mood as soon as you slip into a dress like this! Add a fur coat and you’ll be turning heads wherever you go.


With Pearls

An LGD can be appropriate for a fun night with close friends, but a BSD (Big Sequin Dress…am I going too crazy with these acronyms?) is perfect for a more formal holiday event. A midi-length dress, like this one from Zara, always looks sophisticated, and you’ll be a dazzling dream when you walk in!


With a T-Shirt

Pair a sequined skirt (this one is ASOS!) with your favorite designer T-Shirt to jazz up an everyday look. When it comes down to it, you don’t need an occasion to wear sequins. Wear them to dinner. Wear them to work. Wear them to the grocery store! You’re a star every day, and you have permission to dress like one. So how will you do it, doll?