What's On My Tree


#UnpopularOpinion: I am not a sentimental ornament kind of doll! I prefer a pretty, curated, store-bought tree. Just like everything else in my home, I am all about the all-white tree decorated with pink and gold!

Going to a nursery and chopping down a tree in the snow might be a fun and romantic adventure for some, but I’d rather forego the maintenance (and disposal!) process and just shop for glittery ornaments.

This year, I put one tree downstairs in my office space. I love a fuzzy tree skirt, and my puppies do too! I put a second tree upstairs and topped it with the custom bow from my wedding welcome reception.

To me, the most important factor in taking your tree from just okay to “oh, okay!” is sticking to a color theme. My whole life basically has a color theme, so this was not difficult for me! Try picking 2-3 colors that work well together and don’t let yourself buy outside of those colors, no matter how cute that bright orange sunburst ornament is!


In my opinion, the only thing sadder than a bare Christmas tree is not getting to use my cute Sugar Paper wrapping paper. That’s why I am all about wrapping fake presents (pro tip: stash your out-of-season decorations in these boxes! Hide your clutter in plain sight!)


Here’s a secret to elevating your tree: hooks! Every detail contributes to the overall effect of your tree. Sure, you could unfold a paper clip in order to get the perfect dangle for your bauble, but you could also buy a pack of cute swirly hooks! Seriously, how precious are these?

Next up: curate, curate, curate! Content curation is one of our every day jobs over at POSH PR®, so curating a Christmas tree is like second nature to me. I know exactly what I’m looking for when I go to Target, Hobby Lobby, or Neiman Marcus: pink! I like a variety of shades of pink. Some are metallic, some are glittery, some bright, some toned down. I trend to be traditional with baubles, and then I throw in some fun and iconic Caroline Doll shapes to add some extra va-va-voom. We’re talking shoe, lipstick, and nail polish ornaments…and of COURSE a pretty pink poodle! It’s ok to be quirky—express yourself! (My husband asked if we could decorate our tree in his soccer team colors. I said no.)

How do you decorate your home for the holidays, doll? Tell me about it in the comments!