Gluten-Free Goodies


Hosting during the holidays? One of the most considerate things you can do as the #hostesswiththemostest is to take note of your guests’ needs and make sure you have food and drink options that work for them.

Or, maybe you’re not hosting, but you’re gluten free like me and are just looking for some snacks to keep up with all the cakes and cookies everyone else is eating! Here are some of my go-tos for gluten free snack options.

Birthday Cake Quest Bars

The cutest protein bar you ever did see! These birthday cake flavored Quest bars are one of my favorite forms of sustenance. Who says you have to be celebrating to eat birthday cake? These are the perfect on-the-go snack for a gluten free gal.

Poppy Cotton Candy Popcorn

Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn has plenty of decadent flavors, but you can guess why I gravitated toward this one! It’s perfect for a girls’ movie night and looks so cute in a decorative bowl.


Candy Canes

A no-brainer during the holidays! I love cherry-flavored candy canes because honestly, they are more delicious. But also, they are pink and purple! Candy canes are a safe bet for holiday snacks AND holiday decor!

Confetti Cake White Chocolate

I love Wild Ophelia’s vibe: a woman-owned craft chocolate shop that sources exceptional ingredients and lifts up other female entrepreneurs. I also love their gluten free Confetti Cake white chocolate! The pretty pink package with gold foil is all you need to know about that!

Popcorners Chips

Popcorners chips are a perfect party pick for mixed company because they are both gluten free AND nut-free. I am obsessed with the spicy queso, but they have a variety of flavors that are all sooo tasty.

Extra, extra…

A few additional hosting tips: make sure you have a wide spread so that no one shows up to your party and can’t eat. Try to have vegan, gluten free, and nut-free options. Check those labels when shopping!

Also, be considerate that everyone’s diet is different! Someone might be abstaining from sugar, alcohol, or other foods for any number of reasons. Don’t try to force anyone to eat cake or drink champagne for the spirit of the party, but be respectful and know that #dollspartypretty in hundreds of different ways!