Word of the Year + Free Download!


Ever year, I choose a word of intention. This is the word that will inform my decisions, my actions, and my attitude! In 2017, I chose thrive. I was done just surviving—I was ready to start thriving! In 2018, my word was pivot. It felt like the natural next step to thriving: not just embracing and celebrating life, but growing and changing with it!

This year, my word is ELEVATE. I realized that this is a common thread between so many of my life goals and business mission!

To elevate her brand so she can live the life she's always dreamed of living. 

To elevate my services so we can grow with our clients. 

To elevate my mind + body so I can be the best version of myself at work and home.

To elevate my lifestyle... because let's face it, we all deserve to live a Champagne life!

In 2019, I will focus on taking my business and my life to the next level by pouring into things that are life-giving. I will not send work out the door that I’m not obsessed with…and I won’t wear shoes that don’t make me swoon, either!

I truly believe that to make your New Years Resolutions (or even your lifelong dreams and goals!) happen, you have to ground yourself by writing it down and sharing them with others. So don’t be afraid to ask me throughout the year… how am I ELEVATING my work + life?

And please share with me YOUR word for 2019! I love hearing what is encouraging the women around me!!

After all, we all need encouragement now and then. In fact, we probably need encouragement more than we think we do! That’s why I call my mom every day—let’s be real!

That’s why I wanted to give you a Daily Affirmations download to start your 2019. These double-sided cards can be printed out and kept on your nightstand, dresser, or in your purse! Pull one out each day and speak that truth over yourself and over your day. Remember, the power of positivity is stronger than you think! Whether or not you have a Word For 2019, I hope these cards can spark joy and confidence in you, pretty doll! Download the PDF here! Just print double-sided and cut on the dotted lines.

Cheers to the new year!