Mani Up!


Dolls! I am SO hyped to share our newest client with you! When I first heard about ManiGlovz, I was mostly…confused! I had never heard of this product because there is nothing like it on the market. Of course, this made me even more excited to work with them!

So what is a “maniglov?!”

The founders of ManiGlovz are a lot like us. They are fashion, beauty, and skincare lovers. So when they found themselves putting their hands under UV/LED lights, waiting for their gel manicures to dry, they began to wonder why they were exposing their hands to harmful rays! This led to the creation of their specially engineered manicure gloves, made to protect your skin while you touch up your nails.

I have to admit, I have never even thought about this! I take measures to protect the skin on my face from the sun every single day, but I’ve never considered caring for the skin on my hands in the same way!

ManiGlovz are made of a special fabric that provides 50+ UPF protection (that means UltraViolet Protection Factor!). They are also lightweight and stretchable, so you don’t need to worry about fit. Not to mention, they come in a ton of cute and funky prints! You can even wear them while driving, or out and about, for everyday skin protection.

The PR dolls and I had a blast creating and curating content for their Instagram, so be on the lookout for a fresh new feed! For those of us making resolutions to take better care of our bodies, inside and out, let’s make skincare fashion-infused in the New Year!