12 Ways to Live Your Champagne Life in 2019


I’m so excited for our sweet friends over at Speak Wines for launching their 2019 champagne! I talk a lot about building your champagne life. This delicious bottle of bubbles inspired me to write my top 12 ways to stop waiting and start living your dream champagne life now!

1. Make Your Bed

Start your day by doing something that no one will appreciate but you (and maybe your spouse). I literally cannot leave the bedroom without making my bed, but if you struggle with it, think of it this way: you’re preparing a little gift for your future self! Won’t it feel nice to climb into a freshly made bed after a hard day of hustling?

2. Protect Your Skin

Take care of yourself, doll! Wash your face. Use moisturizer. Use sunscreen. Try ManiGlovz! Take breaks from looking at your computer screen.

3. Eat What’s Right For You

Not everyone needs the same balance of foods. Because of my hypothyroidism, I am gluten-free. I am also trying to be dairy-free in the New Year! It’s not easy, and whatever diet you have is probably not easy either. But you can do it! Only you can make healthy decisions for yourself. 

4. Tell Your Family You Love Them

Don’t skip giving your husband a kiss every morning! Call your momma. I call mine every day!

5. Write Down Your Dreams

Hold yourself accountable to the champagne life you are building for yourself! Don’t be afraid of your dreams—tackle them!

6. Reframe the Challenges

As my sweet friend Cara reminded me: is your current struggle going to matter 5 years from now? Even 5 months? Practice perspective and don’t sweat the small stuff! Remember that challenges are often a byproduct of blessings and a reason to be thankful.

7. Find Your Tribe

Join a Facebook group (like #ThePRDolls!) of likeminded entrepreneurial women. Find a church, volunteer organization, or book club that focuses on what matters to you. Spend lots of time with your best girlfriends!

8. Drink Champagne

Champagne Is Always The Answer® whether you are celebrating something big or small—or just need some bubbles because you’re just out there doing your best! My recommendation: Speak Wine’s 2019 Champagne!!

9. Kiss Your Puppies

Get in #allthesnuggles with your little furry ones. No one loves you as unconditionally as they do!

10. Wear the Right Shoes

Everyone knows I’m a shoe girl! But I have to tell myself: If you don’t LOVE them, don’t buy them. And if you do love them, don’t be afraid to wear them! When I buy a pair of expensive shoes, I am tempted to put them on a shelf and just look at them. Strut your stuff, doll! Life’s too short to wear boring shoes.

11. Schedule Out Your Instagrams

Give yourself time to breathe by planning out your Instas ahead of time! A few minutes of planning can save several hours of stress. Plus, allowing yourself to take a break from social media can be healthy!

12. Be Generous

Send Pretty Mail. Share wine. Give of your time, money, and resources whenever you can. You’ll be surprised by how much you receive in return!

How are you living your best champagne life this year, doll? Tell me about it in the comments!

PS: Guess what our Graphic Design Doll surprised me with?! My favorite Sophia Webster shoes brought to life! You guys, she HAND WATERCOLORED this!! Sneak peek in the above photo…stay tuned for more info!