Fashion Roundup: 2019 Golden Globes

I RARELY watch TV. I mean, there is just so much to do and I get antsy if I sit around too long! I would much rather be dreaming up my next big venture or working up something pretty for a client. I try to go to the movies every now and then to stay relevant (and eat popcorn…) but I have to say I am pretty out of the loop when it comes to celebrity happenings. That said, I LOVE a red carpet! Here are my favorite looks from last night’s Golden Globes! Click through for a slideshow.

Emmy Rossum

Obviously pink tulle speaks directly to my heart! I love Emmy Rossum’s ballgown with the delicate ruffles and full skirt. Photo: Daily Mail

Saoirse Ronan

I’m a total #GucciGirl so naturally I loved the detailing on this silver gown. It’s so elegant and chic! photo: InStyle

Rene Bargh

I am living for the drama of this backless dress with the huge sleeves! Rene looks like an angel. Photo: Zimbio

Irina Shayk

I know the focus here is supposed to be on Bradley Cooper, but I’m obsessed with Irina Shayk’s dress! It’s gold, well-tailored, and oh-so-glamorous. Photo: E! News

Keltie Knight

How sweet are the stars sprinkled over this navy blue dress? I think this look is the perfect combination of sweet, pretty, and fun! Photo: Entertainment Tonight

Holly Taylor

Holly Taylor looks like such a doll! I pretty much want to wrap her up and send her as a Valentine. Photo: The Boston Globe

Heidi Klum

Who doesn’t love Heidi Klum? I love the ballgown shape of this dress and the three dimensional flowers decorating the skirt! Photo: JustJared

Billy Porter

Ok. So not a ballgown. But still, you know this had to be the ultimate red carpet look! The embellished flowers. The floor length cape. The hot pink. Obsessed!! Photo: The Globe and Mail

What do you think, doll? Do you agree or disagree with my top red carpet picks?