Success: More Than Meets The Numbers

Numbers don't necessarily mean success. The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, shares her thoughts on Style Me Pretty and their recent announcement to shut down. 


There is more to it than meets the numbers, sweet dolls.

Believe me, with Facebook’s recent changes, seeing the drop in engagement on the POSH PR® Facebook profile has hurt. Watching The Caroline Doll followers stay at a stagnant 14.2k for all of 2018 so far? Of course part of me can not help but ask, “What am I doing wrong?”

Well, for starters I’m looking at the wrong numbers. Rather than looking at the number of clients I am currently working with, the number of inquires I have coming in, the number of women in my life who support and encourage me, the number of blessings I already have in my life, I am looking at a virtual number that mainly consists of people whom I have never met. The number of followers you have does NOT equate to your success, sweet doll.

When I heard Style Me Pretty is shutting down at the end of April, the revelation just hit me. Dolls, you can have ONE MILLION followers and that still does not equate to success. I personally thought that with their amount of followers and their established platform of 12 years as the standard for all things weddings, surely they had arrived!

One of my favorite educational talks I give is on money and how you can reach a six figure income with your business. In it I share the fact that, “The second you decide you are worth more money, is the second you start making more money.” Further more, the second you decide you are worth more than your number of followers is the second you start flourishing. You see, there is a difference between “socializing” and monetizing. Growing your following is very important. The more people you have, the more you have the opportunity to get in front of an audience and expose your brand. But you want to make sure it is the RIGHT audience, an audience you can relate to. 

Cultivate the following you do have. Create and share content that inspires them! Reach out to them. Be genuine in your engagement. Those are the qualities people are looking for and value. Those are the qualities that make an actual impression. Your audience will appreciate your sincerity and THAT will keep them coming back for more.

Determine what success means for you and strive for that every day, sweet doll. 

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