POSH Clients: From Budding Brands to Established Icons!

The Caroline Doll, CEO of POSH PR®, spotlights two of their current clients, Huntley Belle Designs and Tiffany & Co.!

It almost seems like every time I click into our “PR Clients” folder, I have to scroll down a little more. The amount of new clients we have brought onboard in 2018, alone, is SUCH a blessing and encouragement. Every single one of our clients at POSH PR®, from two young entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams to the established brands, have challenged us to think creatively and to become more innovative and I LOVE how that makes us grow as a company. 

Huntley Belle Designs is one of our newest clients. Lauren and Liza are two young thirty-somethings turning their love for art, fashion and design into a business. HBD is a unique online boutique for the feminine and stylish southern belle. They had seen our work on Sugar & Hive’s website, and said they immediately fell in love with how fresh and pretty it looked and wanted the same for their brand. So, we got right to work! Where else? At Quirk Hotel over a glass of Whispering Angel (Lauren's personal favorite!) and asked #allthequestions. We had our round of ice-breakers, learned about their backgrounds, what they’re passionate about — I mean, how else do you become a business bff without connecting and building a relationship first, right?! We had SO much fun at our meeting and felt like our brains were entirely in sync for just WHO exactly Huntley Belle Designs is! Coming up with their brands look and feel was SUCH a fun creative endeavor. Peek below for the prettiest end result!

We can’t WAIT to move forward with HBD in creating their website, but for now, click here to shop HBD!

Working with established companies like Tiffany & Co. is still SO surreal. We LOVED having a Creative Director of Tiffany & Co. as a guest speaker at “The PR Behind The Pretty” workshop we held back in January. Organizing An Evening at Tiffany's for their Watch Event was such fun! Never in my biggest dreams would I have thought I’d have the opportunity to support a brand I grew up loving! (Actually, I like to think that precisely because my dreams were so big and wild is why POSH PR® is blessed with such  abundant opportunities! 

The POSH PR® clientele is evolving into a network of women we are SO honored to work with. They are what inspire us to remain servants at heart and to always go above and beyond, because when you do, you not only build beautiful brands, you build life-giving relationships!

We would love for you to become a part this ever-growing business of ours, doll! Click here to become one of #THEPRDOLLS and click here to inquire as to how we can help you design the life of your dreams!